August 12, 2010

Real Simple

One of my favorite magazines is called Real Simple. My husband actually got me started with it years ago because he liked it. I finally got a year long subscription last year and have really enjoyed it. The magazine has decorating tips and ideas, household tips for finding the cheapest, best products, some fashion stuff, recipes, short essays on many different topics, etc. All of it presented in a simple, clean manner. None of the CATCHY HEADLINES or celebrity gossip or sex tips that other magazines aimed at women usually have.

The magazine has an essay contest every year. I started to write one for last year's contest, but never finished it. This year, I'm going to try again. The topic is "I never thought I'd..." After a few tries and two different topics, I decided to write about living back at home. I certainly never thought that I'd spend so much of my adult life (with kids, no less) living with our parents!

I'm thinking about posting the essay here for opinions but then I wondered about plagiarism. Does anyone know, if you post something online is there a way to safeguard it from being stolen by someone else? I'm assuming that the computer and blogger would both have time stamping on it that might prove my authorship, but I'm not sure. Should I post it?