July 30, 2013

A little happy customer gushing

Not long ago I discovered the website Modcloth.com. I believe they are a sponsor of a blog I like, YoungHouseLove.com. I really liked the site, which is a mix of classic/retro/vintage/nerd clothes, decor, shoes, accessories and household items. A little bit of everything.

I started a wish list on the site right away, which is something I do for places I like so I can "shop" without having to buy anything. And so it is saved in case I do want to buy something later.

Not long after setting up my account, I got a survey asking what I thought about Modcloth. Another common thing store websites do. Not long after that, I got a follow up survey with more questions. Based on the second survey, I was apparently chosen to participate in a more in-depth marketing plan to look into how people shop and their clothing habits. The email said I would earn gift codes to use at Modcloth for my time, which is free money/clothes. So I was totally in!

I had to download an app on my iPhone and then was given three "missions" to complete over about a week or two. The first was to take out most of my clothes/shoes/accessories and take 30 second videos of different groupings, then answer a few questions about where I bought them, what I do and don't like, etc. The second mission was to take photos of five of my most recent purchases and answer questions about them. And the third was to take screen shots or pictures of every time I did anything fashion related online (checked emails from stores, put things on a wish list, checked a fashion blog or article, bought something, etc.) for two days. For each mission I completed, I got a gift code. Those three relatively small things I did gave me a total of $150!!! How awesome is that?!?!

The moderators said they liked what I had given them and now I'm scheduled to do a Skype interview on Friday to discuss online purchasing...for another $150. I've never made $75 an hour before. And it feels good.

I have to say, I'm extremely impressed with this company. I hadn't even made a purchase from them yet and I got to be a part of their research!

After I got the first gift code, I did make a purchase. I got a cool shirt and a new water bottle. Later that day, I got an update on my phone that a dress I had really wanted was back in stock. I ended up chatting with a customer service rep online to see if I could cancel the first order and get the dress instead. I couldn't cancel, but she gave me a code for free shipping and I bought the dress anyway! Great customer service, and so far I like what I've bought.

My second order was placed today (new bathing suit and a cool desk organizer to snaze up my office). I'm sure I'll be just as happy with this stuff! And then I'll still have more free money for something else after the Skype interview Friday!

The whole thing is just so cool. I've never done anything like this before and never would have expected to do so. Jim says maybe this is an indication of some type of job I could have in the future (fashion related). I'm not sure about that and have never thought of my self as particularly fashion forward, but who knows. No matter what, I'm happy as can be with the way this worked out!