July 8, 2010

Deep Breath, and....Jump!

I am a writer.

It has taken me a long time to accept this truth, despite the positive things people have said about my writing, good grades I've gotten in school, the joy I've had in writing, the way I think (as a writer), the joy I have in reading what other people write, all the ideas I have for stories, novels, screenplays, poems, and blogs. Despite it all, I've been reluctant to say that I AM a writer. And, probably in connection to that, I find myself avoiding writing even when I want to. This makes no sense to me and has been my greatest struggle to overcome.

I think that my previous blog was a good outlet for my writing, yet I abandoned it in the move from Myspace to Facebook. It's time to resurrect and revamp the blog now. I think having a creative outlet helps me maintain my sanity in a crazy life with two kids and all the other stuff that comes with living. I plan to chronicle the things that are going on with my family and with me, but as I get braver I also plan to include pieces of my writing. Having an audience should help me to produce and also to edit and improve my work. I hope!


  1. So glad you are realizing what we all know...you're gifted! Looking forward to reading more!

    PS-I apologize in advance for my very poor grammer : ) English, spelling, etc... was my worst subject and sadly have not improved with age.

    Welcome back, Sarah!

  2. Bizarre, I am in exactly the same situation. What is this irrational fear that we are sharing? For myself, I think it's a fear of success; I've failed too many times for that to be scary! I'm trying to get in gear as well, no excuses, because this is not the future I've been waiting for. Good luck to us both, we should try to inspire each other.

  3. Completely agree, Cara! I hope it goes well for you, too!

  4. Love your writing. Reading your writing is a good excise for my English practice, too :) So your writing is acctually helping my English study!