November 20, 2010

Write it down

I've been having a bit of a creative explosion lately. I have no idea how or why it is happening now, considering I don't get much sleep and feel like I can't even get done what NEEDS to be done, let alone anything extra. Nevertheless, I am currently reading three different books and have finished a few others in the last couple of weeks, and I have a few story ideas that are pretty fully formed in my head already. Now to write them out!

I hope to have some creatively written things to post soon. I'm really hoping to begin a new era of writing things down as soon as I have the smallest chance to do so, instead of waiting for a block of time and then never doing it. And then I hope to usher myself into a new era of having many completed writing projects under my belt, thus getting past some of my doubts and honing my skills at the same time. One step at time.

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