October 9, 2011

Same old, same old

Problems, that is. As in not blogging nearly as much as I mean to/want to. But anyway...

We had a very busy, very fun summer. James went to St. Louis to work one weekend in August, I had a joint garage sale with my family, K took swim lessons and, best of all, we got to take a wonderful family vacation to Maine! The trip was so great. We didn't get to do everything we wanted to do, mostly because of money restrictions, but we have so many memories. I'll have to do a catch up blog about that trip, and add a few of the amazing pictures we took!

Once we got back from Maine, a new whirlwind began. James started a new position as a manager in training, meaning he will get promoted to assistant manager relatively soon. A bit more pressure for him, but he's really doing great with it and ready for the next step whenever it comes. A couple of days after we got back from vacation, I went back to work. I'll be doing three days a week now, one full day and two partial days. It was nice to have the summer off and get so much more done in my week. But, it is good to be back at work and have little breaks from the kids too. After Labor Day, we also started home school with K. That will take up a lot of real estate on my blog now, too, I'm sure! There is so much to do and think about, let alone dealing with everyone and their mother's opinions about my kid and the school system and socializations, etc, etc, etc. Most people are pretty cool about it, though. But there is plenty to talk about!

Oh, and on the writing front, I submitted an essay to Real Simple magazine in September. I don't think it is particularly good, but I actually completed something and turned it in, so that is a step for me! If it isn't chosen, then I'll post it here. :)

So, I hope to resume my blogging now. Always starting somewhere, again.

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  1. I am so pleased to hear you submitted your writing! And i am even more pleased to hear you'll share it even if it's not published. I always enjoy the things you write. You are good with use of words.