January 10, 2012

Show me the money

So, I have some cute kids. And, yes, I know everyone thinks that (that their own kids are cute). But then you have the times when other lovely people (mothers, usually) start saying things about making money off the little cherubs. You know, "You should put him in modeling." "I think he would be so cute in a diaper commercial." And, about the following picture, "This should be in an ad for blueberries!"
First of all, I have never seen an ad for blueberries that 1, wasn't in a grocery store circular, and 2, featured anything but a picture of blueberries.

Second of all, I have NO idea how to get a get into "The Biz" (of commercials and other money-making print endeavors). And I suspect I'm far too lazy to pursue it. AND I'm pretty darn sure that my spirited children would never follow directions at a photo shoot, making the whole thing moot since I'm sure professional photographers don't put up with crap like kids acting like kids.

But it sure would be nice to finance my kids' future sure-to-be-even-more-astronomically-priced college educations with their very own adorable mugs. Any advice is welcome, but also will probably not be taken. (Since I'm lazy, as aforementioned.)

1 comment:

  1. Still one of my all time favorite pictures of Simon or any kids for that matter :) Mom