February 7, 2012

You can't make this stuff up!

Last week I had a few very strange things happen. Those moments where you can't help but laugh and where you have to stop and say, "Did that really just happen?"

The first was while I was walking down the hall of the University where I work. There was some type of event happening in one of the banquet/meeting rooms and a few older people were leaving. I passed a white-haired woman getting her coat, then I had to look again. SHE was wearing a TOUPEE! Not a wig, because it didn't cover all of her head. She had very short hair at the back of her head, about two inches of it. On top of that, with a very different texture and color, was super straight hair that sort of curled at the edges. It looked exactly like a strange toupee plopped on top of her other hair!

When I left work that afternoon to walk to the bus, I was stopped by a nun. I know she was a nun because she told me. As I walked down the sidewalk, she was getting out of her car. She was tiny woman, probably in her seventies, with dark, short  hair. She called across the parking lot to compliment my hair. When I smiled and said thanks, she vehemently beckoned me over. Thankfully she didn't touch my hair at all (it's always weird when strangers touch you) but she wanted to discuss the virtues of curly hair and confirm that mine is naturally so. Then she felt the need to inform me that when she was little you could never leave the house without curly hair (which she was sure my grandmother had informed me of) and she always wished for curls like mine. She told me she was a nun and taught at the school sometimes (it's a Catholic University, so nuns abound, though none of them wear habits) and was there for some meeting or something. She said a bunch of other inconsequential things, that I listened to politely and tried to interject a few contributing tid-bits of conversation while also starting to worry about missing my bus! I had to hurry, but I made it! My gorgeous hair getting me in trouble yet again. (Ha, ha!)

Right after my brush with clergy [Are nuns clergy? Wikipedia: No. So, brush with... the sisterhood?] , I found myself having to engage in my now weekly conversations with my bus boyfriend. He's about 70 as well, is missing most of his teeth and wears a very snazzy Sean John jacket (which he got at a great discount store on 63rd Street, and wears despite the fact that he is white). He works at a printing shop that makes circular ads. I learned on this particular day that he works 12 hour shifts and has a bone spur in his foot, among other things. His chatter mixed with a bright sun in my eyes made me miss my stop, but thankfully only by about a block and half. And the driver let me off at the train tracks, where he had to stop anyway, instead of making me wait until the next stop.

All my craziness of the day culminated in my mom bringing my kids to meet me as I walked home from the stop (including the back-tracking from getting off at the wrong place). That was a very fun way to end my work day-with hugs and chatter and kids bouncing all over the sidewalk. So, despite the fact that I was unable to use my super awesome earmuff phones that Kiah got me for Christmas, and that make walking in the cold actually very exciting, because it was so warm that day, my commute home was chock full of interestingness! As was the rest of the day.

(Me rocking out on a different day's commute, submitted as evidence of my wonderful earmuff phones, and my silliness.)


  1. What a random day! Your stories were quite entertaining and I was smiling while reading them, until you mentioned that your 'bus-boyfriend' had a bone spur! That made me laugh out loud! Reminds me of (probably) my favorite song - It's A Wonderful World. There are so many wonderful people and fun stories that make it great to be alive!