May 9, 2012

Baby's not baby anymore

My boy is two! April 21st marked two whirlwind years of S as the littlest member of our family. He has been such a fun addition to our lives and has an absolutely adorable personality (And face. And laugh. And everything else, but I'm biased). His humor and imagination, voice and expressions, and even his propensity for high drama in almost every situation are all a blessing to us.

He was my do-over, in a sense, because with his birth and early baby years I got a chance to experience things I missed the first time around due to K's more difficult and frustrating entrance into the world. S healed a lot of emotional wounds for me. But beyond my personal feelings, it has been fascinating to see how different another boy made by the same two parents can be so different! He has different elements of James and I, and then his own set of personality traits.

Unfortunately, S is hitting two HARD! So many tantrums, meltdowns, hitting, throwing, crying, etc, et al. Every new thing needs to be explored/climbed/dismantled/tasted/thrown. Books have been drawn on and ripped apart. Rooms are destroyed in nanoseconds. If his wishes aren't immediately granted, at home or in public, oh the crying and hitting that ensues! Those storms of emotion are so crazy to watch in little kids.

Thankfully he is still, through all of that, a more mellow type of kid. He still needs some time each day to just sit with us or K and watch TV. When he wakes up from a nap or in the morning, he will play in there for at least a few minutes before calling for us. Sometimes, he asks to be put in the crib so he can just have some chill time by himself. He often plays by himself! K still isn't very good with that. I love that S can go off to his room, or grab a few toys and come up with something to do. Listening or watching what he comes up with is a blast, too.

So, my baby is two. And I am happy about it. I really do love that they grow up. I enjoyed the baby years, but I love each phase of independence that follows. Here's to a wonderful third year!

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