August 22, 2012

Oh, this crazy summer

Now that summer weather seems to be returning, with temperatures getting back to the 80's and 90's, summer is in many ways almost over. And it was a very full one.

A 40th wedding anniversary party for my parents, week long visit from our Japanese friend and her daughter, two camping trips in two different states, a baby shower, a wedding shower, etc. And on top of all that, we were preparing for my brother-in-law, Stephen, to move in.

After almost two years here (yay for not moving!), we had to take everything out of S's room to clear it out for Stephen. He's 19 and decided to move in with us because there are better job opportunities here than in rural Ohio. He was ready to leave the house, but not interested in college at this point. So we let him know a while back that he was welcome to come here. He told us in the spring that he definitely was going to come. I'm sure the fact that his girlfriend is going to school on the north side had NOTHING to do with his final choice. :)

So, I spent a good part of the summer throwing things away, donating them, consolidating them, reconfiguring our storage space, researching bedding and storage options and more. We ended up getting a bunk bed for the kids since they are sharing a room. S isn't quite ready for the unrestricted-ness of the bottom bunk, so for now the room is quite packed. Two dressers, a bunk bed, a changing table, a crib and their toys all in one room. Thank God the room is a decent size! And we found it very satisfying to buy our kids a new bed just for them. We realized that James and I had never bought a new bed for us or the kids (all used or hand-me-down) and only once had either of us had a new bed before we were married (my sister and I got the most uncomfortable metal futon bunk beds when I was in high school). It was cool to be able to buy something nice for our boys that will last them a while.

The transition hasn't been easy for the boys. K loves the bunk bed but S (who has been my good sleeper) hasn't adjusted well and often keeps K awake as a result. There is more light in this room than S's old one. He is also right by the door, which opens onto a small hallway that leads to both the bathroom and kitchen. So lots more noise and activity to keep him up at night, and nap time. Not to mention the fact that Stephen's bedroom can only be reached through the boys' bedroom. S is used to being in the back room so all the coming and going, lights and noises, and easy access to the toy box next to his crib and the bottom bunk has made sleeping harder. We never know when he'll start throwing things on K's bed or pile all the toys he can reach in his crib with him.

It's been 2 1/2 weeks so I'm hoping that it calms down and we all get used to the changes soon.

Now on to our busy fall!

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  1. It is so kind of you to take Stephen in. I think adjustments are always hard. I think your boys will learn to adapt. For just a short time, our boys had their own rooms. We have lived here almost 15 years and they have shared a room for most of that. No problems. Praying for you all and love to all!