April 15, 2013

Quick catch up and pictures

What we've been up to lately:

Park time. Two weeks ago it was finally a little nicer out so we had fun being outside for a few hours.
S found his favorite toy, Larry Boy from Veggie Tales, that had been missing for a few weeks. It was in the stroller, which we hadn't used because of weather/sickness.

Inspecting K's space.

Deciding to go another way...

Little brother attack!

Toilet seats make great hats. At least it was clean!

Lego maze. He used a marble (or two) and tipped the board to get it into the middle.

We finally moved S to a bigger bed, the bottom bunk. No more crib!!!! It's ridiculous how much more space we have in the room now.

We played Yahtzee to practice math. K got two Yahtzees in a row and beat me by over 150 points!

Each week in church, S does a craft of some sort. Neither of my boys has ever been much for group craft activities, which I have to say makes me a little proud. (I'm not much into crafts either.) I knew immediately that this was S's craft for the day because of all the extra little ink marks all over. The other kids' pages had a perfectly placed handprint near the middle of the page. That's just not S's style.

A few of my AWANA students from my team, getting recognized for saying verses or finishing their books. It's so cool to see how hard they work and all they learn about the Bible! Only two weeks left of AWANA. It was fun, but I'll be glad to have my Wednesday nights back for a couple of months!

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