March 11, 2011

Little people

I have to say that age four has been, overall, a very enjoyable age. Might be my favorite, or at least tied with age one ( the first 7 or 8 months of age one, before terrible twos started). K is so interested in everything, gaining so much independence, learning and retaining so much, going through another language boom. He's funny and creative and able to communicate on a deeper level with us. I feel like this year has contained the most change for him in terms of who he is and what he looks like. The first year probably holds the title for most change in a twelve month period, but 4 to 5 seems like it is the most.

K is cracking us up all the time with the stuff he comes up with. The latest ones involve how he "measures" things like sickness, distance, time, etc. Both the boys got bacterial pinkeye this week, which is totally disgusting, by the way. K was talking about being sick and his eyes hurting and we had this gem of a conversation:

"I think I'm, like, 3 guinea pigs sick today," he said.

"Guinea pigs?" I replied.


"I said, 'guinea pigs?' You are three guinea pigs sick?"

"Yes. And Daddy's probably 5 guinea pigs sick."

"Well, actually, Daddy's feeling better," I couldn't help but say.

"Oh, then he's 1/2 a guinea pig sick."

"Why guinea pigs?"

"What?" (Kids can be very dense sometimes.)

"Why are you using guinea pigs to explain how sick you are? What do guinea pigs have to do with how you feel?" I said slowly and loudly.

"I don't know. They are kind of small. And I feel like a guinea pig."

That was the best I could get. And it was still hilarious.

The other thing K uses to gauge things is the number 167. "Will it take 167 to get there?" "I want 167 books tonight." "I'm 167 angry." "I think there are a lot of stars, like 167." It seems to be his favorite number, and also the go-to representative for anything big or that takes a lot of time.

The way kids' brains work is so interesting. I can't even keep track of all the funny and silly things they say and do. I keep a journal for each of my boys, but it's not nearly as complete as I wish it was. I can't keep up with how fun they are thanks to the busy-ness of life, and the fact that the fun and funny things usually happen right smack in the middle of 167 other things (like how I used that magic number there?).


  1. I was laughing over the guinea pig story. Then I had to read it to Mike because he wanted to know what was so funny.:) I loved the "what's" and your added dense comment. Hilarious stuff.

  2. You will never regret keeping a journal for the boys! What great memories you'll keep.