March 10, 2012


Now that I check Pinterest (an online pin board, where you can keep track of interesting things you find online), I feel a greater need to make things. Or I get inspired to make new recipes, crafts with the kids, etc. Or feel pressured to be more crafty. Not sure what the exact motivation is, actually.

Some time back I saw these things called yarn wreaths. I thought it was pretty, seemed easy to do, and would make our door look nice. I have a friend who makes felt flowers and is selling them (along with other items) in a work from home business she's started. I picked a yarn color I liked from among the yarn I already have, decided on some felt flower colors, ordered them from my friend and bought them. I had a coupon for the wreath so I got it for less than $3 at Michaels! Someone gave me the yarn, meaning all I really paid for were the felt flowers. Good deal.

I followed the pretty basic directions from the blog I linked to above. It took a lot longer than I thought to wrap the yarn around the wreath, and it was very awkward to do. But I love the result!

I think the colors are good for every season, so I don't have to be one of those crazy people changing my decorations every couple of months. This one will do me until the fall, then I have a Christmas one, and back to this. So I'm only a little crazy. :)

I used a ribbon I've had for years, and always knew I would find a use for, to hang it on the door. Look at me bein' all domestic!


  1. I think it looks great honey! Thanks for making it. I know it took a long time!

  2. That is really cute, Sarah! Your trip sounded like a lot of fun, too. My family went there when I was little, but I remember little. Kent went to Memphis due to his job a few years ago and got to sightsee some, including Graceland. Glad you had a great time!