March 6, 2012

Going home!

I got a little behind in the daily updates about Nashville, and I only had one left! I figured I should write about coming back home after such a trip.

My flight on Tuesday was early, it left at 8:05. So, I had to get to the airport early to check in, etc. The Nashville airport isn't too large, so thankfully it didn't take too long to get around. But they didn't have a few of the convenience options, like an unmanned kiosk to print out my boarding pass, so it took a little longer to get my bags checked. Security moved quickly, but I figured out a little too late that they use one of those new body scanners. I wasn't sure if they had one at Midway and was steeling myself to refuse to go through it on my trip out. I don't usually like to make a fuss, but those scanners (which produce a very immodestly accurate rendering of your body) freak me out and I find them highly inappropriate, unnecessary and invasive. They just had a regular metal detector, though. The machine in Nashville was different but I didn't know what it looked like, and wasn't sure if it was THAT machine.

After security, I ran into Joni's friend Chris, who had an eight o'clock flight to New York that day. I asked him if it was the scanner that I had heard about and he confirmed it. Now I can't shake the icky feeling that the big, weird security guy, and possibly the other passengers behind the machine, saw my scan. And of course there is the fear that the scans get saved, because I know that was an issue when the machines first came out and you can still find images online. *Shutter*

But on to happier things. It was fun to run into Chris at the airport and we had a nice talk before going to our gates. On the flight home, I did not sit by talkers, so I got a last dose of quiet and read for the hour.

James and the kids were circling the airport when I got in and it was so nice to see them again when I got outside! I kissed each of them and got in the car (since you can't wait around or you get in trouble). S was smiling like crazy when he saw me and James said that he had just started asking for me that morning and was excited to know that I was coming home. When I didn't take him out of his car seat to hold him, though, he got mad at me. I tried just  holding his hand or touching his leg while sitting in the front seat, but he got all snippy and pushed me away. My drama boy!

We went out to Cracker Barrel to celebrate being the four of us again. I got to hold S in the restaurant, get some cuddles, hug K and talk to all of them. I gave them the presents I bought for them (amazing wood carved toys for the boys that were made and sold by a woman at the flea market, a funny shirt and Nashville-made chocolate for James). We had a great meal and had fun talking.

The rest of the day was pretty relaxing. We just enjoyed being together again, and I got unpacked and acclimated to home.

It was the perfect amount of time away and so needed! Now that the kids are getting older, I need to do a better job of taking time for myself here and there. It's easy to forget how much we need to have personal time, adventures, and time with friends in the midst of caring for young children and their never ending needs. I feel refreshed and invigorated by my little vacation and am so grateful I got the opportunity! (Thank you James and Joni!!!!)

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  1. The part that really stood out to me in this blog post was this line...

    "On the flight home, I did not sit by talkers, so I got a last dose of quiet and read for the hour."

    I really like to be left alone on a plane. I'm already nervous, and talking to someone never makes me feel better. Music, a book, my eyes shut, and detachment in my mind does. It always makes me wonder who else on my plane is nervous as me, and how are they dealing.