November 2, 2012

Bath rant

I think everyone knows that kids need a good deal of bathing. Between the diaper-area issues, food smeared all over, playing with everything they can find (especially dirty things), etc, kids need a good cleansing. Other than that, there are plenty of variants on when and how to bathe. Some kids get a bath nightly. In some households, the Dad does all the bath stuff. Some baths are quick, some are extended playtimes.

One thing I CANNOT stand is bath toys. Oh my goodness. Whoever came up with all those plastic toys full of holes (to make it squeak and squirt water!) and crevices is my sworn enemy. Within a week or two, anything made specifically for the bath is completely disgusting. Mold comes out when you squeeze the  toy, the suction cups get moldy, the whole thing gets a film on it, even the net or box you use to hold the toys gets gross.

Now, I know I'm not much of a cleaner, but I have tried with the bath stuff. I rub them down with anti-bacterial wipes, I squeeze the water out of the squeaky toys in the sink to try to get the stuff out, I've soaked them in vinegar. But they still just gross me out. I know what my kids do in the bath anyway.

And, AND the kids don't even LIKE the bath toys. It doesn't matter if they picked it out at the store, all excited (K with a Yo Gabba Gabba ship and characters) or if they got an elaborate bath play set for a birthday (S), they want to bring some other, non-bath toy into the tub with them. Never fails. The pile of "bath toys" sits in the box next to the tub (or gets dumped, whole sale, into the water then forgotten or thrown on the floor) and they bring a car or plastic bug or something into the water instead.

So, I've been slowly throwing away the bath toys. I'm done. I only bought one bath toy with my own money (the one for K). The rest were baby shower or birthday gifts. Other people seem to love bath toys. As the toys get moldy and hard to clean, I throw them away. The kids have yet to notice.

I know you can do that thing where you hot glue the openings to the squirty toys, but I don't feel like doing that either. And most of the toys were already in the water before I learned that tip. I don't like having the kids' stuff encroach into every area of the house anyway, so my goal is to do away with the bath toy box and they can just bring non-porous toys in and out as desired. No stash of toys cluttering the bath ledge.

Now I should start a campaign to show all new mothers that bath toys are an unnecessary expense and cause more harm than anything else. Maybe we can shut down the bath toy industry!

Then we can move on to the bath "art" toys. Not quite as disgusting as the toys, but just as annoying to deal with.


  1. You had me cracking up through this whole post!! Because it's sooo true!

  2. I agree with Kristen- although I was laughing throughout the post I whole-heartedly agree. I too have done away with bath toys (with the exception of Ariel's slide that suction cups to the shower wall in the back and the Ariel doll that goes with it. All other toys were "lost" in our last move. The box just never made it in to the new house somehow. I tolerate the Ariel toys because thy stick to the wall and have no holes in them. : )