January 2, 2013

Sicker and sicker, part 2

After our very sick visit to Ohio, we were back home and hoping to feel before Christmas. It started with a trip to the doctor on Monday morning. I tried to rest for the morning, as much as you can with two sick kids to take care of. I got an afternoon appointment and the kids were asleep in the car as soon as we set out!

The pediatrician could tell I wasn't doing well either and did a test for influenza on all three of us. Surprise, surprise, we all had it. K had a little bit of a red ear also so he got an anti-biotic to ward off an ear infection. S and I were close to the window when you can take Tamiflu to reduce the duration of the flu so we got prescriptions for that. I got mine (and it was a bit expensive!) but all the pharmacies anywhere near us were out of the kids' version so S couldn't take his. It didn't do anything for me anyway and S cleared up much more quickly than K or I, so it wasn't a big deal that we didn't get his medicine.

I kept feeling worse instead of better so I got a natural flu medicine called Oscillococcinum that had worked really well for my sister. It didn't do anything for me though! By the Friday before Christmas, I was still feeling all the flu symptoms, barely sleeping, unable to breathe and then my eyes started feeling puffy. At the end of the day, they were all pink. So off to Immediate Care I went to get diagnosed with Pink Eye in both eyes! I got anti-biotic drops to attempt to deal with it and just hoped the kids wouldn't get it, despite the fact that they always share my drinks and food and are all over me! 

The next day, Saturday, my throat was killing me. And then I found white spots on it on Sunday, after we hosted a small family Christmas gathering that I insisted on having despite how we felt. I figured since I wasn't supposed to be contagious, we shouldn't miss out on the festivities. I felt awful the whole time, though and after I saw the spots on my tonsils, we all went out and spent an hour and a half at Immediate Care, only to not be able to be seen before closing. The next day was Monday, Christmas Eve. I tried to find a primary care doctor to see me (mine had left the practice so I was trying to find a new one) but most of the offices were closed for the holiday. Jim had the car and I had the kids and felt so tired and terrible. I resolved to just wait until Wednesday, after Christmas when things were back to normal with places.

But, my family was freaking out that if I had Strep Throat (which is usually what those white spots mean anyway) then it would turn into Scarlattina then Scarlet Fever if I waited even two days and I had to think about the poor kids. This was all from my overly dramatic sister trying to "help" me but not offering any actual help. My family doesn't realize then when they try to "fix" things or talk them to death it just puts more pressure on me. I know they love me and are trying to help, it just usually has the opposite effect when I'm already stressed or sick.

So anyway, the family pressure left me in the lovely position of walking two miles to the Immediate Care in 30 degree weather, pulling two sickish kids in the wagon so they wouldn't have to walk. It sucked. At least I got in to see the doctor relatively quickly and found out I had tonsillitis. Also not contagious! Small blessing. I got an antibiotic, even though all this stuff was viral. I think the doctors figure they'll just give you something to maybe help a bit. Jim called while I was waiting for the doctor to tell me that he was able to get off of work early to be with us and help me. So that saved me a long walk home, thankfully. Happy Christmas Eve to us.

Christmas Day was calm and just the four of us at home. I rested as much a possible but still felt awful. At least I got to see the kids open and enjoy their presents.

This big present was something K has wanted for two years and we finally got a good deal on it for both boys. I love seeing faces like these!
All my boys had fun playing while I watched from the couch.

Wednesday was taking K to the pediatrician, AGAIN, because he got the pink eye and white spots on the throat too. With eye drops for him and the fact that he was already on an anti-biotic, he at least started getting better quickly. His eyes never got too red or uncomfortable, thankfully! Mine was red, itchy, chapped and painful for over a week.

Thursday was another day of trying to get a little rest while home with the kids and still feeling terrible.  

I finally got into a primary care doctor on Friday. Jim took the day off an arranged for my mom to watch the kids so we could really rest. There was nothing the doctor could do for me. But they did tell me the different symptoms were a result of the influenza virus most likely. I guess I followed a pretty typical pattern with influenza. I was lucky I never had to hospitalized. A lot of people have this year because this is a really bad flu season. I've not been very pro flu shot, but after this year I might rethink that! My mom and dad had the shot this fall and both of them escaped this whole thing!

After my appointment, Jim and I went back to the house to nap. After the first real, uninterrupted sleep I'd had in weeks, I woke up feeling better rather than worse. I just rested all day Friday and all day Saturday. I was so thankful Jim was home to take care of things and that we didn't have any plans or things to do for the holidays to distract us/wear us out. Sunday I finally was well enough to go to church, but the rest of the day was spent on the couch. And by Monday, I could actually say I was FINALLY on the upswing! Pink eye is gone, throat is healing (I can sort of talk now) and the congestion is abating. Headache and body aches are more minor now, so that's a blessing. I'm resting more than usual still, but I feel human again!

S has been  back to normal for a while now and K is about normal too. Jim missed the whole thing and we're completely convinced it was a miracle that God provided because He knew we needed it! I don't even want to think about what it would have been like to have him out of commission at the same time. It was hard enough that he had to be gone at work so much of the time! Now I'm hoping that 2013 will be as sickness free as possible. At least for a while.

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