February 4, 2013

January review

When I look back at my pictures from the last couple of weeks, I realize that we actually are pretty fun and busy people. But, man, in the daily grind it feels like we never do anything special and everything is hard and frustrating. Maybe I should look through my pictures more often to keep some perspective! and maybe if I have some perspective, it will rub off on K so he will never whine about being bored. (Wishful thinking.)

Here is a little review in pictures of our last three weeks:

I had a box of cake mix, we wanted dessert. K asked me to make a Pikachu (from Pokemon) but that was too complicated. We settled on making a Pokeball by using a Bundt pan and I colored the frosting to sort of match (it's supposed to be red, black and white). It tasted good and was a fun little addition to our day.

We went to visit my best friend and her girls. She had the idea to make "gingerbread" houses.

It was mostly for eating purposes, not aesthetic.

Jim, the boys and I went to the free day at the Shedd Aquarium downtown one Sunday. The kids' first time there and our first time attempting a weekend free day. It was madness, and the kids were tired and whiny most of the time. We did get some cool moments though. Like S with Jim looking at the giant aquarium in the center of the building.

And K admiring his favorite thing-big turtles! They had one sea turtle (his most favorite) but he enjoyed the big river turtles too.

Tired S got a little ride/rest with Daddy.

Panoramic view outside the back entrance of the Shedd. Cool fountain/statue in foreground, Field Museum and a few buildings in background. Jim and K are on the left. It was freezing and windy, but we decided to get some pictures anyway.

In a VERY rare turn of events (he hates sleep), K fell asleep in the car on the way home. While eating chicken nuggets. Had to get a picture of that!

The first sticking snow we've had in over a year on January 25th. We made sure to get outside. Simon didn't even remember snow it's been so long!

S trying to make a snow angel like K did, but he couldn't quite figure it out.

Thankfully, he has a big brother to help show him the ropes. S called it a "baby angel".

K had his first eye doctor appointment and did well despite being nervous. We're doing a follow up visit today because there is a chance he might need glasses!

Every so often, K asks to have a tea party with me while S is napping. Last week we made cookies, K decorated the coffee table, we got out the fancy tea cups and played Uno while having our tea party.

I guess they don't have it too bad in life. Plenty of photographic evidence of our awesomeness.


  1. Don't apologize for your poke-ball cake. I knew what it was the second I saw it. (Guess having kids about the same age exposes us to the same things) I get what you are saying about thinking the day-to-day grind is boring. I think you guys do an amazing job of making the boys' childhoods fun and active. I especially love that K likes having tea with you. I wish Thor was in to something like that.

  2. That was fun to read! Love Mom